Data Science Microsite


That time I iterated like, a hundred times.

Last year, my team and I were charged with creating the first ever federal career portal microsite, designated to highlight federal opportunities for a particular career path. The first one: data science! The wireframes I iterated on and designed here were intended to be adaptable to different fields that USAJOBS would explore building out when the time came.

For this project, I leveraged the U.S. Web Design Standards, outlined here.


Wireframes come in many shapes and sizes. I tested all of these in their various stages of fidelity to ensure we were getting actionable feedback quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 9.27.28 PM.png
(Doesn't everyone's Sketch file look like this at some point?)

(Doesn't everyone's Sketch file look like this at some point?)

After testing wireframes and concepts multiple times, which you can read about here, I presented the final microsite design to the Data Science Working Group in government - this was the version I presented them with:

final version.jpg

This version tested extremely well with stakeholders, and after some slight content tweaks - we were good to go! You can check out the live, final site here!